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Richard Curtis  MA - a personal



I wouldn't obviously be a fan of Richard Curtis, headmaster!  I think I was beaten once or twice a year, sometimes for trivial matters (talking after lights out! Today it would be child abuse!)

But, with my experience of business and small business (and hindsight and wisdom?!) I admire that he kept the school going and so successfully over many years.

As a graduate 'ologist' I wonder whether the loss of one eye motivated him not to let life get the better of him. I also wonder from where he got the life skills to choose good and loyal staff and squeeze the best out of a community of children with very mixed abilities. RIP  (JM)

1863- Dr Thomas Reed

1870s - Martin Read

c1900 Lloyd Griffiths


1933-1964 Richard Curtis (wife-Mollie, daughter-Jessee, son ? Richard) (master from 1917)

1964-1968 Basil Graham Hepworth Thwaites (wife) Sheila, daughter Naomi Son Graham)



Karl Gougnogel - French/German

Rev H.C.L. Tindall - Maths

C. M Glover - (Classics)

Bowne - Classics

Close - Gym and Music

XX Royce

Sinclair Robson (FSHR)(Music, Art)(d.'1971)

John Farrar (History, English)(d.2002)

Mavis Gopp (Mrs Farrar)(Form 1)(d.2021)

Peter Eastwood (Maths)

Richard Marshall (Classics)

Winifred Wardlaw (French)

William(Bill) S. Yates (Geography, d'64)

Mr Brown (Maths)

Paul Newman

J. N. Griffin

Mr Balcomb (Piano/Choir)

Mr C. M. Glover (Classics)

Piers Nash Williams (66-68 Latin)

Michael Porter (English)

Major Bowen?

Ikee Bea

John Part

Arthur Hall

Mr Hoare

Mr Pontifex

Mr Wilson

Mr Pontifex

Bridget Bradshaw

Mrs Crimp

Miss Robertson (High Croft)

Mrs Tindall (35-55 d'55)

Miss N. M. Collins (matron)('36-53)

Miss Rosemary Spencer (matron 53-?)

Miss Ann Pendred (assist matron)

Miss Broadbent

Miss Harris

Miss Seabrook

Miss Vaughan

George Skilton (houseman)

Mr G. Plummer (woodwork)

Len Carpenter (houseman)

Mabel & Eunice (?) - kitchen

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