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1066 On Line

A selection of Alumni have found a sub web site of Hastings Council which has a page devoted to HURST COURT.

Link is:  . Needless to say there is only one photo!  You'll find more on this web site!

It may be possible to Cut and Paste the whole site content, but this may involve Copyright issues, which have not been looked into (as yet!)


To be going on with the following have left notes. Jeremy Plumtree, Simon Mitchell, Bruce ??, Kemp??, Brian Dickie, ??David, Christopher Mather, Piers Nash-Williams, Alison Doig (John Farrar's daughter), Ike Bee, Peter Kerr-Dineen, Nigel Jackson, David Harris, Stephen Bell, P A L Winter, also myself Jeremy Mclaughlin.



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